Casa Caldera by Dust Architects

Situated deep in the depths of the Arizona wilderness, the Casa Caldera house designed by Dust Architects is a great example of bold architecture which sits perfectly with its surroundings and doesn’t detract from the whatsoever – something that is a lot easier said than done.

Casa Caldera is to be found on the rim of an ancient Caldera that is approximately 180 miles southeast of the city of Tuscon in Arizona. Spectacular to look at but simple in design, this phenomenal piece of architecture from the talented team at Dust integrates into its surroundings so well that you barely notice its there but once you get inside, it really comes into its own.

Bold Design Features

It is the materials used in the construction of Casa Caldera that immediately captures the imagination. Using scoria, a material which is manufactured from pulverised volcanic rock, the is a very distinctive aesthetic appeal to the exterior of this fantastic property from Dust Architects and for those that like their properties to tell a story, this certainly fits the bill.

Boasting a floor space of 945 square feet, Casa Caldera is by no means a small property and through clever interior design endeavours, they have managed to fit a lot in this surface area. The first thing you’ll likely notice upon making your way towards the property is the mighty imposing double metal doors that have a bit of a bomb shelter vibe to them and add a real touch of industrial class to the overall aesthetic of the building.

An environmentally conscious property, the only sources of heat in the Casa Caldera are a wood burning stove and fireplace. Cooling is achieved through the thermal offset of 18” thick scoria walls and the natural flow of air that circulates through the Zaguan due to the positive and negative pressures on either side. It’s a property that really is at one with its surroundings and which has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Into the Wild

An incredibly remote property and one that is perfect for relaxing and getting away from the stresses and strains of modern living, there are so many appealing features to the Casa Caldera property from Dust Architects and it’s hard not to impressed with the glorious views afforded to it and the understated finish to the property that is ideally suited to its surroundings.

Another great piece of architectural design to add to our ever growing list for 2017 here at Coolector HQ and Dust Architects are clearly master at what they do and have done a fine job of integrating a large property into a rural setting without upsetting the look and feel of the area.

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