Casa Xólotl

We’ve seen outdoor swimming pools quite regularly with the architecture features we’ve had on the pages of The Coolector but, it’s fair to see, we’ve not seen many quite as eye-catching and awesome as the one witnessed with Casa Xólotl in Mexico. Designed by Punto Arquitectónico, this stunning piece of architecture really does make the most of the hot climate in the Merida region of Mexico and integrates a swimming pool into the overall design that is fundamental to the whole layout.

The Casa Xólotl from Punto Arquitectónico is a single-storey home in Mérida, which was completely overhauled by the architects when it was discovered in a state of complete disrepair and it really has been given a new lease of life courtesy of some truly amazing design flourishes and, of course, the incredible swimming pool which forms the cornerstone of the design as a whole.

Mexican Marvel

Spectacular to say the least, Casa Xólotl has various swimming areas located across the property’s footprint and you’ll be amazed at just how well they’ve been integrated into the overall design. Punto Arquitectónico managed to achieve their incredible finished product by completely renovating the existing house and transforming it into two separate volumes with a courtyard, which delivered a 1,776-square-foot (165-square-metre) living space.

Casa Xólotl from Mexican design studio Punto Arquitectónico has a detached master suite, which boasts a bedroom and bathroom, which can be found to the rear of the property and this space is then linked to the primary living space by a walled-in patio. There are striking, original stone walls and a refurbished cistern feature to be found in the courtyard, and this is where the swimming pool comes into its own by effortlessly fitting into the gaps formed by the structural elements of the property.

With a pool and patio becoming the focal point for this property, it is very much geared towards outside living and this is driven by the incredibly hot weather typically experienced in Merida in Mexico. Casa Xólotl also has a striking waterfall feature where a door once stood, and steps lead down from an outdoor lounge into the shallow pools below where you can take a dip and get away from the relentless heat. The architects aimed to blend new textures with the original textures, to deliver a contrast with the new areas to those marked by the passage of time.

Seamless Interior / Exterior Design

Designed to perfectly commingle the inside with the outside, Casa Xólotl keeps the original construction of the street-facing residence, but the rear addition reduced the home’s original backyard by half to create the compelling and relaxing outdoor space which is the new pride and joy of this sensational piece of architectural design. The tropical climate of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula lends itself to outdoor living and that is at the forefront of the thinking throughout the whole design process.

Having a house with a pool is something that we very much aspire to here at The Coolector and we’d be delighted if it were so brilliantly integrated with the property as is the case with Casa Xólotl from Punto Arquitectónico. An oasis of calm awaits from the minute you set foot in the front door of this magical looking property in Mexico.

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