Werenbach Mach 33 Watches

We remember the first time we encountered Werenbach watches a year or so ago here at The Coolector and being utterly mesmerised by their highly unique construction – namely because they were made up of pieces from salvaged space rockets and, needless to say, we were delighted to discover that they are back again with another Kickstarter campaign which looks just as excellent – say hello to the Werenbach Mach 33 Watches.

Funding on Kickstarter as we speak, the Werenbach Mach 33 Watches really are out of this world in every sense of the word and for those who like their timepieces to have a bit of uniqueness to them, look no further. These magnificent looking Mach 33 Watches from Werenbach have two real hooks in their design – the fact they have real space rocket material at their heart but also they will allow you to look back at Earth in real time via a connected app.

Space Race

Whilst for many watches, including certain unusual materials might seem like a gimmick, for the Werenbach Mach 33 Watches, it is an integral part of their design and adds a real sense of uniqueness to proceedings that will make the watch on your wrist unique to only you. The moniker for this new collection of watches (Mach 33) comes from the speed required in order to break free from the gravity on Earth and to reach space and for those who want a watch with astrological overtones, these are going to tick all the right boxes, and you can pick one up for a bargain price on Kickstarter, starting at around £160.

The Mach 33 Collection of watches from Werenbach on Kickstarter are both stylish and highly versatile in their performance. The overriding objective of this campaign was to provide watch lovers, out of this world watches (literally) for very down to earth prices and, from what we can see, it’s mission accomplished. These superb looking timepieces from Swiss watchmakers, Werenbach, are crafted from a single, beautiful monohull case and each one comes paired with a sporty Nato-strap for versatile and robust wear.

Available in Sport and Classic collections (with a couple of special editions in the shape of Gravity and Planet 9 for their Kickstarter backers), these exemplary looking timepieces give you the chance to see the world as an astronaut would when the watches connect to your smartphone to give you access to four cameras aboard the International Space Station which transmit different perspectives to the world below and allow you through your phone to access all that the astronauts aboard the ISS see. This is a great additional feature to what is already an awesome looking watch.

Authentic Rocket Ship Components

These stunning timepieces from Werenbach use genuine rocket material from the Russian Soyuz rocket (MS-02) as key materials throughout the construction and this is a mighty cool feature that space exploration fans are sure to appreciate. These materials were recovered by hand in the Kazakh steppe, before being transported to Switzerland and put at the heart of the watches to give them that real edge in the coolness department. The monohull housing  has neither a screw nor back casing on it, made instead from a single piece of metal to give the timepieces a really sleek aesthetic.

Made alongside international production partners from all over the world, the concept, design, planning and quality assurance all takes place in Switzerland. The NFC technology and dials are made in Germany and the movements are from Japan (Seiko). The cases are from a top production factory in Hong Kong and the rockets used within are originally from Russia (and then recovered from Kazakhstan). All made by humans on Earth.

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