Casavva Flannel Shirts

Shirts come in all shapes, sizes and materials and finding the sort that best suits your own personal style and comfort requirements is something that will often take a little trial and error. That being said, however, the minute you try on one of these ridiculously comfortable and dapper Casavva Flannel Shirts, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life and will rush to fill your closet with these fantastically stylish pieces of apparel.

Casavva are based upon the ethos of crafting top-quality, unique and stylish products – the sort that form the cornerstone of every wardrobe and, it’s safe to say, these Casavva Flannel Shirts are a fine example of exactly that. They believe that the apparel they create will be a catalyst that is the driving force behind which many great outfits can be built. If you’re after some immeasurably comfortable and stylish shirts for 2018, Casavva are a brand that need to be well and truly on your radar.

American Made Excellence

There is a distinct United States vibe to the crafting of these awesome flannel shirts from Casavva. They are designed in Washington DC, with materials sourced from Los Angeles and crafted in Brooklyn in New York and this all combines to deliver an end result of unparalleled excellence. The creation of these Casavva Flannel Shirts are based upon the curation of small-batch, first rate fabrics which boast unique colors and textures which you won’t typically find with other clothing lines on the market. It’s the tangible sense of quality which really sets these shirts apart.

It’s not just the quality fabrics used that make the Casavva Flannel Shirts so impressive, they also hand pick best-in-class materials all the way down to the button used throughout. Casavva work only with top quality American craftsmanship, and make sure that no corners are cut during the production process in order to ensure all their shirts are nothing but the best and become your go-to piece when getting dressed in the morning or before going out in the evening.

A reimagining of the traditional flannel shirt, these offerings from Casavva are chock full with cool little features and nuances you won’t find in other shirts on the market such as the integrated lens cleaner or the secret pocket for a little extra storage, the attention to detail in the design really is second to none. Extremely versatile, the flannel shirts from Casavva are ideally suited for heading to the office, out into the wild or a night on the town and, wherever you choose to wear them, the comfort levels will be off the charts.

Year Round Wear

We don’t know about you but when we buy shirts here at Coolector HQ, we want something with the sort of functionality and versatility to be suitable for wearing regardless of the season and these Casavva Flannel Shirts deliver on that front. Crafted from 100% cotton and boasting the brand’s signature double-napped flannel which is as soft on the inside as on the outside and can be worn just as well against the skin or as a shirt jacket.

For those of you thinking about additions to your spring wardrobe rotation, a few of these expertly crafted and infinitely stylish flannel shirts from Casavva are sure to fit the bill. Available in a number of different colours from Mustard Herringbone to Pixel Night, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your own sense of style and the quality on offer with all the materials used throughout their crafting makes the $150 price tag seem like a steal.

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