Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch

It takes a certain type of smartwatch to keep pace with the most active of lifestyles and, truth be told, there won’t be many better candidates for the adventure inclined than the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch which now boasts the heart rate monitor that fans of the Pro Trek have been hankering for for some time now now. This cracking accessory is sure to change the way you approach your outdoor pursuits in 2020.

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch boasts advanced technology and design which does a great job of delivering the superior performance of this ace accessory. You can measure your heart rate effortlessly by simply strapping the watch on your wrist and display data such as your current beats per minute and heart rate zone in numerical values and as graphs and graphics.

Bold Design

Whilst the size of the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch may make it a little overbearing on smaller wrists, it does ensure that there is plenty of space for the impressive features that this device offers. It uses an easy-to-read, 1.32″ display that is big and simple to operate with touch operation. You can switch between the colour LCD and monochrome LCD as the situation requires to achieve low power consumption and readability.

To make sure the bulky frame of the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch is still comfortable it has a soft urethane material for the strap that makes it both flexible and robust. The double-pin buckle prevents slippage, and the larger number of holes in the band allows you to adjust it for an even more accurate fit. Breathability is also enhanced over previous iterations and reduces the feeling of the watch sticking to the skin due to sweat or other factors.

Striking aesthetically, the bezel of this adventure smartwatch from Casio uses unique moulding technologies and provides a three-dimensional treatment in all aspects, including contours and grooves, and has been finished off with a material that possesses a brilliant, metal-like sheen. The bezel is hard-wearing enough to protect the display, but also has a functional beauty worthy of outdoor gear.

One for the Adventurers

You’ll be impressed with the abundant features of the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21HR Smartwatch and if you want to make 2020 a year of action and adrenaline pursuits, this is the device you need on your wrist. The GPS and colour map display is ideal for getting out into the wild in search of new trails and running routes.

Priced at £399, it is a bit of an investment but one worth making if you want a smartwatch that can provide the sort of data that helps with your exercise endeavours and outdoor pursuits. The Pro Trek app has GPS functionality and various sensors to obtain measurements in different situations while you run. From daily jogging to full marathons, training for trail running, and races, the watch provides comprehensive support for your running activities.

Leo Davie