Tempus Titan R Electric Bike

There has been an ever growing number of electric bike brands hitting the market of late and it’s something that we definitely watch with interest as we think about taking the plunge here at Coolector HQ and it will almost certainly be something with the same sort of old school cool as this Tempus Titan R Electric Bike that we plump for if we do. Vintage vibes abound with this excellent looking steed from Tempus and we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of other urban adventurers just as enamoured with its effortlessly cool aesthetic.

Priced at $2899.99, the Tempus Titan R Electric Bike doesn’t come cheap but for the quality on offer, you’ll soon form the opinion that this is a small price to pay for such a great looking and top performing machine. This cracking contraption will redefine your commute, let you feel the wind in your face and see your city from a new perspective. The Titan is ideally suited for riding to work, going for a cruise, exploring the city, or an off-road adventure to name but a few.

Built For The Ride

Despite the old school style aesthetic of the Titan R Electric Bike from Tempus, it is crafted from thoroughly contemporary materials that won’t let you down whatever two-wheeled adventures you’ve got planned. Each one is built with aircraft grade steel and takes its design inspiration from a vintage motorcycle. This retro electric bike comes equipped with a 1000W hub motor, a removable lithium ion battery, and a leather motorcycle seat.

The Tempus Titan R Electric Bike ($2899.99) rapidly reaches a top speed of 28 MPH (45km/h) and has a 40+ mile range (65+ km) on a single charge so will be great for all your urban commuting requirements. The lithium ion battery means that you’ll be able to cruise for long distances and charge your battery with any outlet that you find along the way. It also has a design that ensures that you’re free to also lock the battery to the frame.

You will want to feel in control of the Titan at any speed and with Tempus’ Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes you’ll feel confident knowing that you can stop this breathtaking machine on a sixpence. You will feel the torque of the 1000W Rear Hub Motor as you pick up speed or cruise down your favourite tracks and road. You will always be seen wherever you are with the exceptionally bright Front and Rear LED Lights.

Eye-Catching Display

The great design of the Titan R Electric Bike lets you have all the information you want at the push of a button with the eye-catching Colour LCD screen. It lets you tell time, track speed, monitor range, battery percentage and much more. You can even limit your speed to comply with local laws and set a password so only you can turn your Titan on.

Priced at just shy of $3k, the Titan R obviously represents a bit of an investment but for those who want to dive into the electric bike market in style on one of the coolest looking steeds out there, this one will certainly be pretty tough to beat. It has vintage vibes aplenty and it backs up its excellent aesthetics with a first class performance and high quality tech.

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