Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Case

Camping and enjoying the great outdoors is something that we’re hoping to enjoy a little more here at Coolector HQ in 2017 and, in our experience, these adventures are always significantly improved by the quality of the accessories and EDC that you take with you. Eating in the wilderness is one of the most enjoyable parts of it but only if you’ve got the right equipment at your disposal so that’s why you might just want to sit up and take notice of the Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Case which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.


The Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Case is, in essence, an organised gearbox for the modern outdoors, filled to the rafters with the sort of kitchen goods that you need to be able to cook up (and eat up) a storm in the great outdoors. Few things are as enriching as cooking your own food when enjoying nature and the Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Case boasts the sort of essentials that will ensure that you enjoy it that bit more.

Too Many Cooks

When you’re enjoying the process of cooking outside, you’ll invariably want to keep things simple and not rely on all sorts of unnecessary mod cods that detract from the process itself. The Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Case is a supremely functional solution to your cooking needs in the great outdoors and aims to tackle the age old problem of making sure you’ve got all the right cooking utensils in tow when you head out into the wilderness.



The Castle Brook Unlimited KUB is a cleverly conceived idea that aims to deliver not just all the kitchen utensils and implements that you need for any adventure but does so in a way that is 20% lighter than if you packed all these same items using your home utensils and also provides extra room in your car boot as it is a decent size and won’t take up an abundance of space.


Crafted from the very best materials and built to last, you’ll find all sorts of useful and versatile pieces that will make your camping experience all the more rewarding. This includes the likes of a 10″ Restaurant Grade aluminium frypan, 4 Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee cups, 1.4 Litre Tea/Coffee Kettle, bottle opener, chef’s knife and hard plastic cutting board to name but a few.

Camping Credentials

For any man that loves to experience camping and the great outdoors, that experience is only made more rewarding if you’re able to cook up some delicious meals and enjoy a craft beer or two in the wilderness and this great Kickstarter campaign is certainly a catalyst for achieving that objective.



If you’ve any winter excursions planned or have adventures afoot in 2017, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of these Castle Brook Unlimited KUB Cases as it will ensure you’ve got everything you need to cook up a storm and experience the ultimate in camping adventures. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, head to Kickstarter now and pick one up for a bargain price.

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