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Now, we’re not going to lie, we love American sports but, truth be told, baseball is probably the one we struggle with most here at Coolector HQ as it’s essentially a version of our own most boring pastime, cricket. That being said, however, there are some occasions where we can admit we’re wrong and it’s fair to say that brands like Pillbox Bat Co are doing an excellent job of persuading us of the merits of the sport with their awesome array of baseball inspired wares including bats and apparel.


Pillbox Bat Co has been two decades in the making and is the brainchild of childhood friends, Zak Fellman and Dan Watson, who both share a passion for baseball and decided to create a brand that focused on the lifestyle of the sport and have delivered some incredible, retro looking bats and apparel that will appeal to all of those men out there that have a love of this all American sport.

Batter Up

Whilst baseball might not be a sport we’re overly familiar with at Coolector HQ, we definitely know what we like from a design and branding point of view and Pillbox Bat Co hit both firmly out of the ballpark. If you’ve got a baseball lover in the family and looking for the perfect gift, their superbly hand-painted bats are going to hit the spot and we’re pretty sure there won’t be anyone out there with a cooler bat than this when you take to the batting cage.



Each of the amazing looking baseball bats from Pillbox Bat Co are made in the USA and hand painted in their workshop in  Winona, Minnesota. Their glorious bats are crafted from solid maple for not just an aesthetic superiority but also a performance which is second to none. There are so many different styles to choose from with the bats from Pillbox that you really are spoilt for choice and sure to find the perfect one for you or a loved one this Christmas.


Baseball bats this cool don’t come along every day and you’ll be blown away by the intricate designs that they have managed to incorporate into their ever growing roster of bats. Whether it’s pinstripes, national flags or our favourite at Coolector HQ, three strikes, there really is something for everyone here and it’s impossible not to be impressed by the visual excellence of their wares.

Striking Design

We’re loving the look and feel of the whole brand with Pillbox Bat Co here at The Coolector to such an extent that it’s making us want to get our hands on one of their baseball bats despite the fact there is more or less zero chance we’ll ever play the sport. This is testament to the high quality of their goods and its reassuring to see them make all their wares in USA and hand paint them in their own workshop.


Baseball is, of course, a big deal in the States and we’re sure there will be plenty of men seeing these bats for the first time now and hoping that they’ll be on the receiving end of one under their Christmas tree when December 25th rolls around in a few weeks time. A fantastic brand with impeccable wares and craftsmanship – a definite two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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