Into the Cave of Wonders

The earth on which we live is a pretty extraordinary place and we here at The Coolector have often showcased videos that wonderfully illustrate the beauty of the world’s various landscapes and vistas but there is also an awful lot that will have your jaw dropping going on at a subterranean level too and this extraordinary silent film called Into the Cave of Wonders by LOVETHEFRAME does a better case of proving this than most.

Shot in la Gruta de las Maravillas in a small southern Spanish town called Aracena, this magical video really does hit your for six when you see just how much breath-taking beauty is bubbling away beneath or very feet and this short film explores the history of cave discovery in a brilliantly engaging and flawlessly filmed way. Into the Cave of Wonders was filmed on a Canon 5D and the complex nature of the cave systems meant that its creation was quite the struggle but we here at Coolector HQ are glad that LOVETHEFRAME persevered because the end result is, quite frankly, exemplary.

Using our old favourite, time-lapse, they were able to catch the ethereal beauty of the cave system in all its glory and the alien looking landscapes are remarkable to see and the fact they have been shot in such an eye-opening way just serves to impress still further. If you’ve got an interest in the make-up of our planet (and even if you don’t, to be fair) this video will leave you mesmerised from first minute until last. It certainly did us.

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