Cheerble Board Game For Cats

We’re pretty big cat lovers and have two reprobates of our own running riot in Coolector HQ so we’re invariably on the lookout for things to help keep them entertained. As such, we were delighted to come across this Cheerble Board Game for Cats which is currently taking Kickstarter by storm and might just be the next must-have toy for hard to entertain felines given its versatile performance.

The Cheerble Board Game for Cats on Kickstarter is an all-in-one interactive toy for cats which consists of the Cheerble Ball + Cheerble Scratcher Game Type or Cheerble Scratcher Billiards Type Game – all of which have been carefully designed to keep your aloof, four-legged friend entertained and free from mischief. Cats love to play and this has been cleverly designed to keep their brains and body active and combines a number of different facets which are known to stimulate cats and ensure they stay happy. Available for prices that start at just $47, this is a small price to pay for your cat’s happiness.

No More Scratched Furniture

For anyone who has owned a cat, you’ll know that your furniture is probably the thing that will pay most heavily for the decision to house one of these adorable assholes. The Cheerble Board Game for Cats has been purpose built to help distract your cat from their destructive tendencies when it comes to the furniture and you’ll know what a blessing it can be when you find something capable of keeping your expensive pieces of furniture free from claw and scratch marks.

Incredibly easy to get set up and start entertaining your cat, the Cheerble Board Game for Cats on Kickstarter (from $47) offers the perfect balance between exercising and napping and has an intelligent companion mode, where the ball tempts your cat to chase it on the Playboard but also gives it time for a sweet nap. The small, Cheerble Ball has synthetic fibre cover and cool LED lights on it to attract your cat’s attention. It’s specially designed to please your cat’s paws and keep it entertained in the process. 

With its automatic obstacle avoidance system, the ball never gets stuck in the holes of the Playboard or other tight spots and your cat should always be able to find it when they want to burn off some energy. With the built-in Scratch Pad, your cat can not only satisfy its scratching instincts but also keep its claws in shape whilst burning off some energy in the process.

Versatile Design

The Cheerble Board Game for Cats on Kickstarter is lightweight and portable which means that it will easily fit in any corner of the house without getting in the way. The board has a customisable design which can be changed to suit your style tastes and the sort of activities that your cat loves to engage in.

This excellent offering has been specially designed to satisfy the natural instincts of cats. It is the ideal combination of Cheerble Ball – a tiny Wicked Ball which is perfect for cats—a Playboard and a Scratch Pad, it is the most complete interactive toy for your furry friend and it’s not hard to see why it’s struck a chord with cat lovers over on Kickstarter.

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