Best Made Co Chelsea Deck Clocks

We’ve covered a lot of watches in our time here on The Coolector but not so many clocks but some are just too good to be ignored and that’s certainly the case with these superb looking Chelsea Deck Clocks from Best Made Co.

The Chelsea Deck Clock has a rich history in American naval tradition and have been used on thousands of vessels in naval fleets since 1917. Billed as the ‘timekeeper of the sea’ and used to synchronise fleets, Chelsea Deck Clocks are as reliable as they come and if you’re after a genuinely stylish and unique wall clock for your home, we can think of few better candidates. Check out a few more shots below:





These Chelsea Clocks have never previously been made available to civilians and are being made exclusively for Best Made Co and are as rugged as they come and built for the rigours of the battleship engine room.

Made in Massachusetts by America’s oldest clock maker and boasting an understated timeless style, these fantastic Chelsea Clocks will certainly look the part in any home or office. A mechanical deck clock with a German quartz movement, the Best Made Co Chelsea Clocks are entirely self-sufficient and will only require a changing of the battery once in a while.

Price: $1,750

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