Chief’s Skincare

Often wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus and you’re not at the bus station? Then you need to change up your morning routine, sir. Put simply, you need to get your hands on some of these awesome looking Chief’s skincare products.

Chief’s is the work of 26 year entrepreneur, Will Evans, and he’s come up with a mightily spiffing array of men’s skincare products that we hear at Coolector HQ have been left thoroughly impressed by.

The objective behind Will’s mission to conquer the men’s skincare field is to produce a series of products that are capable of utterly invigorating your face in the morning to the point whereby you no longer feel sluggish and entirely incapable of functioning – something that effects us pretty much 24/7 here at The Coolector – and, by jove, we think he’s done it.






Men are invariably on the lookout for rugged skincare products that they can proudly display in their bathrooms without the fear of inquisitive stares and Chief’s skincare products – from their Tobacco Man Wash to their Gingseng Shaving Cream – certainly fall into this category.

Price: $11+

Available: Chief’s

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