Child of God

Adaptations of Cormac McCarthy novels into film have proven to be rather hit and miss affairs – with the likes of No Country for Old Men and The Road falling into the hit category and those such as The Counselor falling, lamentably into the miss. Well, it looks like we’ve got another that is set to propel itself well and truly into the hit column in the form of the excellent looking Child of God, starring Scott Haze and directed by James Franco.

The movie has been adapted by McCarthy (always a good start) based on his novel of the same name and tells the story of Lester Ballard (Haze), a detached, violent individual, ostracised from society and who carries out an atrocious set of crimes as he becomes increasingly cut adrift from the society that has shunned him.

The movie also stars another favourite of ours in Tim Blake Nelson who plays the sheriff with the responsibility to bring Ballard to justice and, if the excellent first feature length trailer for the movie is anything to go by, Child of God will be a brutal, unrelenting but entirely compelling watch.

In what looks to be a career defining performance from Haze and a directorial breakthrough for Franco, we here at Coolector are mightily excited by this film which has been causing quite a stir on the movie festival circuit.

Child of God is set for release later this year.


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