When picking a wallet, most men will only typically want two things – for it to be functional and for it not to be too bulky and cumbersome to carry around – and, if that rings true for you, this Kickstarter campaign that goes by the name of Chipwallet is likely to be right up your street.

Chipwallet is described as the first cardboard wallet which is both ultra-slim and ultra-light which makes it the ideal piece of EDC for those looking for a versatile solution to their card carrying requirements. The Chipwallet has a revolutionary design which is crafted from natural chipboard with modular plates to fit your lifestyle and, essentially, it’s a DIY bit of kit a la the old aeroplane models we all use to know and love.


Kickstarter is invariably home to some mighty innovative products and you can now add Chipwallet to that list with its highly unique means of assembly. It is almost the IKEA equivalent of the everyday carry world and comes in a flatpack style design and you just push out the elements of the wallet design that you want to see whether your accessory.

Using chipboard, which is sustainable, robust and durable, with a stylish aesthetic that is hard to deny, the Chipwallet really does tick all the right boxes for us here at Coolector HQ from a style and functionality perspective and if you’re seeking an uncomplicated, eco-friendly piece of EDC, you’ve just found it. The wallet will arrive in its flatpack form and provides you with a tangible sense of satisfaction in configuring it how you want it for the ideal wallet for your personal requirements.

Each Chipwallet board comes replete with four “plates” and a woven band of various different colours so you can craft your ideal wallet. This can consist of two cover plates, a cash/miscellaneous plate and a plate for two standard house keys. This means that you can pick which plates you need for your wallet and simply pop them out from the board to make them a functional part of the design. It’s a highly innovative and ingenious design process and one we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

Functional, Modular Design

The modular design of the Chipwallet lets you choose which features of a wallet you use most often (whether that be cards, cash, keys etc) and makes sure you have direct access to them. It boasts a recessed design which makes sure that the finished product isn’t bulky and doesn’t produce a huge profile or bulkiness in your pocket when in use.

Another great example of an innovative, simple and eco-friendly product on Kickstarter, the Chipwallet is the sort of accessory that we’ve got a lot of time for here at The Coolector and if you find yourself equally as enamoured with its quirky design, there is still plenty of time to show your support over on Kickstarter.

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