Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack

For those of you who are really serious about combining travel and adventure, whether this be by land, sea or air, you’ll need to have the right backpack in tow to make sure you’re always ready for what you encounter and, so far as heading into the unknown is concerned, you’ll find few better allies to join you on this journey than the great looking and supremely functional Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack.

Black Ember have featured on the pages of The Coolector a number of times now and have built up quite a reputation for the calibre of their bags. The Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack looks very much like being amongst the finest to date and boasts a whole host of eye-catching features that will really set it apart from the competition for those people seeking out the ultimate in travel and adventure bags in 2017.

Adventure Time

Made to fit in with flight baggage regulations, the Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack is the perfect choice of carry regardless of you’re looking for adventure locally or overseas. It has many features which are purpose built with travelling in mind and the most impressive of these is likely the compression cubes that instantly attach to the pack and transform into shoulder bags for that extra bit of storage as and when you need it.

If you’re of a photographic persuasion as well, this cracking carry will be a great choice for you because it is designed to be perfect for carrying a multitude of camera equipment and accessories. With extra cubes attachable to the pack via magnetic locking mechanisms and cushioned to ensure your camera’s safety, the Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack is definitely one of the most versatile and functionally accomplished carries we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ.

Set to hit the shelves soon, we’re not expecting the Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack to hang around for long as it will be snapped up by both adventure and photographed inclined individuals in a heartbeat. The modular style layout of this exceptional carry is a real selling point that will appeal massively to travellers and allow them to take as much or as little as they need to on any given adventure.

Built for Comfort

As its designed to be carried and not sat in some cargo hold or other, the Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack really is built for comfort and this shines through in the first class features throughout such as the 3D shoulder harnesses and adjustable suspension system which is there to ensure you are kept comfortable all day regardless of how much you’re carrying.

Though it hasn’t yet hit the shelves, the Black Ember V4 Adventure Travel Pack is sure to be a mighty successful piece given the overwhelming popularity of other carries from the Californian accessories brand. Stylish, versatile, functional and about as robust as they come, if you’re in the market for a new carry for your adventures afoot, you’ve just found it.

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