Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts

Though we’re far too ancient to really appreciate Halloween nowadays, that doesn’t mean to say we don’t get in the spirit of the occasion and, with that in mind, you’ll understand why we’ve fallen for these awesome looking Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts from Bilbao based artisans, Ruth and Sira Garcia, which have left us wanting to get the Trick or Treat bag out of storage once again.

These brilliantly inventive candies are made from chocolate skulls and a mixture of other materials to represent the skull’s brains such as nuts and berries and the visual impact of the sweets is mightily impressive and makes for fantastic Halloween fodder that, truth be told, are almost too good to eat. We’re big fans of creativity here at Coolector HQ and there is definitely a spark of genius behind the Spanish pair responsible for these superbly ghoulish creations and you can see why we’ve been left so impressed below:





Though it doesn’t appear that these cracking looking candies are commercially available, they can definitely be used as inspiration for crafting your own ghastly Halloween treats and whilst we’re far too lazy to undertake such an endeavour here at Coolector HQ, we’re sure there will be plenty out there who want to have a crack at these when Halloween rolls around in a few weeks.

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