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Shaving is something that is a rite of passage for men and once you’ve got to the point whereby you’re not perennially cutting yourself each time you shave, it may well be time to step up your shaving game and opt for some goods that are a cut above if you’ll excuse the terrible pun. A brand that undoubtedly falls into this category is Studebaker Metals of Pittsburgh and their superb collection of shaving goods which will catch the eye through their undeniable vintage appeal.

Studebaker Metals are, as mentioned, a Pittsburgh based purveyor of various metal goods but it is their shaving wares that have well and truly won us over here at Coolector HQ. The old-fashioned appeal of the various goods such as brass and badger shave brushes and a hand-forged moustache comb is plain to see and with Movember just around the corner, it is unsurprising that our thoughts are beginning to turn towards shaving goods and we’ve seen few better than these excellent, rustic offerings from Studebaker Metals. Take a look at a few more shots of the wares on offer below:





For those wanting to ramp up the style with their Movember endeavours in a few weeks time with a set of shaving goods that the likes of Ron Swanson would doubtlessly approve, these cracking goods from Studebaker Metals will definitely tick all of the right boxes. Made from the highest quality materials and by hand, these shaving goods stand out from the crowd by virtue of their immeasurable visual appeal and the care and attention that has gone into their forging.

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