Cigar Box Desk Top Speakers

Owen & Fred are somewhat of a favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ and when one of their founders speaks of “possibly our coolest product yet” we had to check it out and, safe to say, we’ve not been left disappointed. The product in question is the visually superb Cigar Desk Top Speakers you see before you which boast a regal sense of style that will be right up the street of any chap trying to create a gentleman’s club aesthetic in their home.

It’s not just their blatant visual appeal that sets these Cigar Box Desk Top Speakers from Owen & Fred apart, however, it is also their exclusivity. Only five of the sets have been made available to buy so if you’ve a cigar loving friend or a penchant for them yourself, you’ll need to move quickly to bag one. Each of the sets have been made by hand in the USA by Good Deed Audio and boasts a 2.5″ aluminium cone speaker implanted into a genuine cedar cigar box for considerable visual appeal.

These Cigar Box Desk Top Speakers are self-powered with an internal 10 watt per channel amplifier which means that they can be plugged into your smartphone or anything else with a 3.5mm stereo heaphone jack and you’re good to go. Check out some more shots of this cracking offering from Owen & Fred below:

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If you’re after some speakers for your home a little outside the ordinary and you’ve a passion for humidors then these cracking ones from Owen & Fred should have propelled themselves to the top of your list. All the cigar boxes used in these devices have been treated with a satin lacquer finish and retain all the original brass hardware, markings and labels so really do look the part. We’re loving the unusual nature of these speakers here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re not regular partakers in cigar smoking we can still appreciate the epic nature of their design.

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