Cine Hipsters Film Logos

We’ve all got our favourite films and television shows and it’s always interesting to see them presented in new and engaging ways and that’s why we’ve fallen for these rather awesome looking Cine Hipster Film Logos which reimagine some of the best movies and TV shows with cracking hipster style badges and the end result is pretty excellent.

With the likes of Pulp Fiction, Back to the Future, Scarface, True Detective and Breaking Bad all getting the retro style treatment on the Cine Hipster Tumblr page, you’re sure to find a show that is to your liking within this spiffing selection of illustrations. Check out just a few of the best below:








We’re loving the illustrative talent on show here and the fact that the vast majority of our favourite television shows and movies make an appearance in this series of hipster-esque logos is merely the icing on the cake. If you like to show your own favourite shows given a new angle then taking a look at the brilliant Cine-Hipsters Tumblr page is definitely a good place to start.

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