It goes without saying that the iPhone is now more or less like having a top of the range camera in your pocket such is the quality of the images and video it is capable of delivering. It’s all well and good have the technology on board but the fact remains, the iPhone isn’t particularly ergonomically friendly or conducive to taking great shots or film-making. That’s why devices like this awesome Cinebody inevitably capture our attention here at Coolector HQ.

The Cinebody is a wonderfully simple design, borrowing from the video cameras of yesteryear, to deliver the opportunity to shoot 4K quality video on your iPhone with the ergonomics and advantages typically only seen with professional cameras.

This excellent little accessory is a must for any budding film-makers out there and the Cinebody is extremely simple to use. You just need to pop your iPhone into the secure casing and then you’re pretty much good to go on capturing your footage. Check out a few more shots below:







As big fans of any technology that makes capturing great photos and videos more straightforward, you won’t be surprised to hear we’re huge fans of the Cinebody here at Coolector HQ. A simple concept, wonderfully executed – we’re hoping they’ll be releasing an iPhone 7 version sooner rather than later.

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