LVL Hydration Monitor

Staying hydrated is something that we should all be doing in order to stay fit and healthy during our day to day and whilst it is easy in principal, ensuring you drink enough isn’t always that straightforward in practice. This is where the great looking LVL Hydration Monitor comes into play.

Currently funding over on Kickstarter, the LVL Hydration Monitor is a mighty impressive sounding wearable that gives you the complete picture of your health by tracking your hydration levels, activity, sleep, mood and heart rate. If you want a stylish looking wearable that can deliver genuinely impressive levels of health related data, you’ll definitely want to check out the LVL Hydration Monitor.

The LVL Hydration Monitor makes use of red light technology that is capable of taking measurements 10 times deeper into your body than the more traditional green lights that are ordinarily used in fitness tracking devices. This means that the LVL Hydration Monitor can measure both hydration levels and provide hyper-accurate heart rate monitoring. Check out a few more shots below:







We love wearable tech here at Coolector HQ and the LVL Hydration Monitor is proving mighty popular over on Kickstarter and has already secured close to $200k which is testament to the fact there is a big audience for this sort of first rate device. If you want to keep yourself watered and your heart monitored, there is still plenty of time to bag one for a bargain price over on Kickstarter.

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