SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike

It is a noticeable trend that almost everything we buy nowadays needs to have a ‘smart’ component to it – smartphones, smartwatches and so forth – so it stands to reason that bike enthusiasts would want to see this trend extended to their modes of transportation and it looks like these prayers have been answered in the form of the stunning SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike funding over on Kickstarter now.


The SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike is a lightweight machine which has been crafted to give you comfort, speed and control any scenario and, safe to say, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more eye-catching and stylish steed than this anywhere else out there. For those cycling enthusiasts after a new, out of this world, bike for 2017, it’s time to get your pledging finger at the ready and head to Kickstarter now.

Mythical Magnificence

Finding a bike of this considerable calibre is probably as rare as discovering a unicorn itself and from the minute you see some of the standout features of the SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike, you know you’re in the presence of greatness. Comfort is the name of the game with this extraordinary steed and it will deliver unprecedented comfort levels seldom seen in a road bike before and this is particularly important if you’re planning any lengthy cycles over the next 12 months and beyond.

The SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike is first bike ever to be equipped with VCS, allows you to absorb bumps and smooth out vibrations, while improving comfort, control and speed. In another first, the SpeedX Unicorn also boasts an integrated power meter which allows you to train, track and analyse your data like a professional bike rider and delivers a whole host of statistics and information about your ride.

This superb looking steed offers built in GPS technology and it allows you to track your performance in real-time via the 2.2 inch SpeedForce touch-screen cycling computer. It’s fair to say you are pretty unlikely to come across a bicycle more technologically advanced than the SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike this year.

Strength Meets Technology

Whilst it’s clear that the SpeedX Unicorn is one technologically advanced bike, it is also one of the most robust and durable on the market as well with a carbon fibre frame that provides the sort of strength that most other bikes simply can’t come close to. It is the ‘smart’ nature of this superb looking bike that really sets it apart, however, and through the SpeedForce you’ll be able to gleam information like speed, calories burnt, heart rate, cadence, altitude, distance and much more besides and having all this data at your fingertips will make any ride more rewarding.

So, for those technology loving cyclists out there who really want to treat themselves to a top of the range bicycle in 2017, the SpeedX Unicorn Smart Road Bike would get our vote here at Coolector HQ and, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen with this spectacular steed, there is still plenty of time to support the campaign over on Kickstarter.

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