Classic Overland Project Black Mamba

We’ve featured a lot of Land Rover restoration projects in our time here on the pages of The Coolector but, quite frankly, nothing quite as extraordinary and visually impactful as this Project Black Mamba offering from leading Land Rover workshop, Classic Overland. This exceptional looking machine has undergone an almighty restoration to become one of the stealthiest looking and coolest we’ve encountered and for anyone after a real head-turner, look no further.

Classic Overland goes to great lengths to find quality, vintage Land Rover Defenders before they begin restoration project and they have created an instant classic with this stunning Project Black Mamba release. Once they find the vehicle they’re looking for, they remove all of the nuts and bolts and do a full mechanical work-over to create something that is even better than new as you can plainly see with the Black Mamba. Priced at the admittedly eye-watering $315,000, this obviously doesn’t come cheap but will be the crowning jewel in any car collection.

Raised in Africa, Destined for the World

Project Black Mamba from Classic Overland is one of the most impressive Land Rover builds we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ and the sheer attention to detail that has gone into its design is second to none. If you’re after a jaw-dropping, show-stopping, have-the-neighbours-gawking, make your brother-in-law jealous kind of truck then you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more with the Black Mamba. Classic Overland got their hands on an original 6×6 Defender — one of the rarest and most beastly off-road vehicles to have ever been built – and have given it a whole new lease of life to make it one of the stealthiest machines on the market.

In a world full of trends, Classic Overland lean towards the traditional. That’s why they only source the finest of Defenders in Africa, and between them, managed to unearth an original 6×6 in mint condition – which is pretty much a miracle in its own right. This no-nonsense beauty was discovered in a Fire Station in the Winelands of Franschhoek South Africa with only 30,000 km on the clock. As an emergency vehicle, this 6 wheeled Defender came with a specially tuned and meaty V8 3.5-liter power plant that was meant to drag tons of water over rough African terrain so it has a robust back story that adds to its allure still further in our opinion here at The Coolector.

This majestic looking machine from Classic Overland is named after Africa’s most feared and dangerous snake, the Black Mamba; a name that seems rather fitting for this black on black on black V8-powered beast. The Black Mamba gets its name not from their skin colour but rather from the blue-black colour of the inside of their mouth, which they display when threatened. Black mambas are fast, nervous, lethally venomous, and when threatened, highly aggressive. This equally as aggressive machine from Classic Overland does the name proud.

Apocalypse Ready Design

If you’ve got fears that the zombie apocalypse is incoming, the Project Black Mamba Land Rover Defender from Classic Overland is the vehicle you want in your garage. The 6×6 originates from the late 1980s and it was developed as a specialist vehicle to meet the requirements of the Australian Army for high payload cross-country trips. The vehicle was a massive hit, and not long after, the heavy-duty truck was made available to civilians and other militaries around the world based upon its uncompromising performance whatever the terrains.

The $315k price tag is obviously a pretty prohibitive one for many but this vehicle truly will be one of a kind and Classic Overland are ready and waiting to build it to your specifications. If you love Land Rovers and want one that truly stands out from the crowd, Project Black Mamba is sure to be ticking plenty of the right boxes and the quality of the finish will truly be out of this world. A show stopping vehicle if ever we saw one.

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