ROLLOGO Escape S Power Generating Suitcase

When you find the right suitcase, chances are it will be right by your side for all your overseas adventures for many years to come and if, like us here at The Coolector, you’re tech orientated, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this ROLLOGO Escape S Power Generating Suitcase which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak. Billed as the first smart carry-on luggage with power-generating wheels, award-winning design, anti-theft and extreme durability – it’s going to be the perfect addition to all your travelling adventures in 2019 and beyond.

The ROLLOGO Escape S Power Generating Suitcase on Kickstarter is available for an incredibly wallet friendly price of $449 which is some $150 off the intended retail price when it does officially hit the shelves so make sure you move quickly to bag yourself a luggage based bargain. The Escape S is perfect for generating power and every step is equivalent to a 1A wall adaptor charging your devices on the go – ideal for keeping your tech charged as you travel through the airport.

Travel Essential

Each one of the ROLLOGO Escape S Power Generating Suitcases is handcrafted with world class materials, designed for ultimate usability and function, and paired with an intuitive security tracking app, which all combine to make the Escape S an award-winning, extremely durable, water-resistant, high-end luxury suitcase which has been carefully designed and built for seamless travel in today’s fast paced world.

The Escape S Power Generating Suitcase from ROLLOGO on Kickstarter ($449) is TSA approved and the patented, self-charging wheels really do set it apart from other carry-ons on the market. If you’re a regular traveller through airports, you’ll know only too well the pain of trying to find a charging point that isn’t occupied in the terminal but with this amazing suitcase you’ll be carrying your own that you don’t have to queue up to use.

Designed with the contemporary traveller in mind, the Escape S Suitcase has a flat top that can be used as a working surface on the go and a high strength wave suspension system that delivers a smooth performance on all sorts of terrains. With this magnificent suitcase you never need worry about dead batteries, stolen luggage, or security checks again. Charge all your devices and recharge your power bank by simply walking. In addition, you can keep track of your luggage via the ROLLOGO app to keep all your belongings safely and securely organised and within reach at all times.

Tether Free Charging

Boasting two USB ports to charge all your devices with a powerful 3.4A flow, the Escape S Suitcase from ROLLOGO is perfect for those who regularly need to charge their tech devices as they travel. The strong amperage means it can deliver energy faster and allows you to power-charge your enabled devices extremely rapidly so you’ll be up and running again in no time. The 8000mAH Smart Power Bank, BOND, has a long-lasting 10 hour charge life and can be detached to provide flexible charging on the go.

Available for $449 durning the Kickstarter campaign, Escape S Power Generating Suitcase from ROLLOGO is proving mighty popular amongst travelling aficionados and understandably so as it offers an unparalleled performance from a security and style point of view but also has the added benefit of literally generating power as you walk to your destination or flight gate. A real win, win in our book.

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