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It’s all about striking the right balance when it comes to finding the perfect watch for you. You’ll doubtless be looking for something striking and stylish but fairly priced and for those of this mindset, Égard Watches are definitely one of the best in the business and one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ. They boast aesthetically unique and stylish timepieces to suit every taste and budget and if you want a new timepiece in time for Christmas that doesn’t cost the earth, the digital shelves of Égard have got just the thing.

Égard debuted their first watches back in 2012 with an intricate layered-dial design that made an incredibly bold style statement and they achieved considerable popularity right away amongst the timepiece aficionados out there. Égard luxury timepieces are unique expressions of style and prestige, crafted with the highest quality movements which have been produced in both Switzerland and Japan depending on which of their majestic watches you choose.


Plenty of Choice

The beauty of Égard Watches stems from the fact you’ve got so many options to choose from in both a style and budget perspective and this makes finding the perfect timepiece for you so much easier. They’ve got visually impactful pieces like the Quantus V3 Watch which is available for pre-ordering now for the bargain price of £298 or more traditionally styled watches like the effortlessly cool and dapper Dali range of timepieces. Regardless of your style, Égard have got a watch for you.

Égard Watches are the brainchild of Ilan Srulovicz, inspired by his father, Peter, and there is a pleasing father / son vibe running through the design of these fantastic looking timepieces. Ilan is and Peter work together in their Atlanta and Toronto offices to design and manufacture all of Égard’s pieces and there is a clear attention to detail and eye-catching vibe to all of the watches that they produce and which we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

With a real celebrity appeal to their watches, Égard has had the opportunity to work with incredible actors, artists and athletes over the last seven years and the likes of Jamie Foxx and Jeff Bridges have been seen sporting their fabulous looking watches. It is Égard’s commitment to quality has led to a standard that draws the attention of talent across the board. They continue to strive to raise the bar and achieve new standards of uniqueness and design with our timepieces and we here at The Coolector can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2020 and beyond.

Impressive Materials

When you consider just how affordable the watches from Égard are (with some being available for under £150), it’s all the more impressive the calibre of the materials which have been used in their crafting. This includes things like a dual balance wheel, automatic movement and 50m water resistance for the Quantus watches and a NH35 Automatic Movement (which winds off the movement of your wrist) with a 40 hour power reserve for the Dali series of timepieces.

It goes without saying that there are so many different watchmakers to choose from when it comes to finding the next accessory for your wrist but if you’re after something that will turn heads aplenty without the need for breaking the bank, Égard are a brand that need to be at the forefront of your thinking. Whether it’s their unique Quantus timepieces or the elegant Dali watches that are your style, you can rest easy that they are made from high quality materials and are built to last.

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