Classified Moto Frank Motorcycle

Motorcycles are a real blessing from an aesthetic point of view because there are so many examples of amazing customisations jobs out there and this gives an extra level of excitement to the industry because there is so much more diversity in the sort of steed you can navigate. One of the best looking customisation jobs we’ve seen of late here at Coolector HQ is this brilliant looking Frank Motorcycle by Classified Moto which is a collaborative project with Rebel Yell Bourbon.

The Classified Moto Frank Motorcycle was a real creative carte blanche as Rebel Yell Bourbon didn’t offer any input or guidance as to what they should build but merely wanted an awesome looking bike come the end of the process and, as you can plainly see, the guys at Classified Moto delivered with aplomb.

Quite Frankly

A labour of love on the part of Classified Moto, the Frank Motorcycle represents all that the guys in their workshop believe is enjoyable about the process of customising motorbikes. It’s a rapid, uncompromising beast which, in Classified Moto’s own words is best described as “beautifully ugly”. This cracking contraption brings out the best and worst in people as it drags them through the gamut of emotions — love, rage, fear, disgust. Put simply, it is a bike like no other.

The Classified Moto Frank Motorcycle is a real Frankenstein in terms of design as they set out to use as much of what they had to hand and then build the rest of what they required. It boasts a fully custom, chromoly, single-sided swing arm to accommodate an 11-inch-wide gnarly ATV tire that makes the bike stand out from the crowd from an aesthetic point of view and for those of you that don’t conform to the norm and like your ride to have something about it, the Frank Motorcycle from Classified Moto is a match made in heaven.

Motorbikes are an incredibly subjective medium regarding the sort of styles and designs that people love and whilst the look and feel of the Frank Motorbike from Classified Moto might be quite a divisive one, we’re loving it here at Coolector HQ as it dares to be different and delivers an exceptional performance. If you’re similarly inclined towards the unusual, there is plenty that is going to resonate with you in the crafting of this miraculous machine.

Eye-Catching Specifications

There is a lot going on under the hood with this Classified Moto Frank Motorcycle and Progressive Suspension 465 Series rear shock, a custom leather seat upholstered by Roy Baird, a Shorai lithium ion battery and a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple (glassed) tank. Whilst the aesthetics are the first thing you’ll notice with this bike without doubt, it is no slouch in the performance department and it’s hard not to be won over by the whole package.

If you love custom bikes with a real design flair, this will be right up your street and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more unusual and well-made machine than this Frank Motorcycle from Classified Moto. Not only does it look the part, it delivers on the road too courtesy of the excellent components used in its construction.

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