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You desk is, for better or worse, where you’ll spend the majority of your time on a day to day basis and it is important to thing about things like posture and movement when you spend such vast swathes of the day in the same location and that’s why products like this MOVI Workspace always catch our eye here at Coolector HQ.

The MOVI Workspace is a standing desk with a difference because it gives you the option of choosing between standing and sitting at the touch of a button to give you the ultimate in functional, versatile working. This first class piece of design boasts a sophisticated, elegant ergonomic design which doesn’t just provide the sort of health conscious workspace you crave but delivers an aesthetically pleasing design whilst doing it.

Move with the Times

Standing desks are increasing becoming the norm in a lot of contemporary offices but most people want the option to sit and stand intermittently throughout the day and that’s what you’ll get with the MOVI Workspace. It is crafted from stylish, striking and ethically sourced bamboo and has an effortless, one-touch electric lift system that elevates your desk to the desired height, simply and effectively at the touch of a button.

The MOVI Workspace is all about improving your health and well-being at work and given that spend such a large proportion of a day tethered to our desks for work, it’s always sensible to make them as conducive to good health as possible. It offers a highly practical and functional workspace which measures 115cm / 45” wide. Practically speaking, it is just the same your current desk but has the all important capacity to life straight up by pressing a button. The reason it elevates vertically is so you don’t waste any office floor space and it provides a highly stable spot for all your day to day work.

It is the simplicity of the MOVI Workspace that really makes it appeal to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and the fact you can elevate your desk with the press of a single button and a high-speed, electric motor will do the rest for you. The workspace also boasts a memory save functionality which remembers your precise standing height to rapidly switch between sitting and standing. Additionally, in order to save power each workspace has a built in an auto-sleep mode.

Stand to Deliver

Being more active and moving more is likely to make you more productive at your desk on a day to day basis and this is something which the MOVI Workspace helps to facilitate. In addition to the fantastic ergonomics of the workspace, it also has a superb aesthetic appeal and design quality as it has a sustainably sourced bamboo bench top, with your choice of black and white finishes and soft-feel rubber feet to help protect your desk.

Smarter than your average desk, the MOVI Workspace has an integrated timer to let you know when it’s time to move, a USB charger to keep all your gadgets juiced and, last but not least, a safety pinch protection system which ensures you don’t succumb to any nasty entrapment hazards from the movement of the desk. For anyone on the hunt for a new, versatile workspace, this one certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

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