Cliff Original Beard Grooming Goods

If your Movember adventure has begun, chances are you’ll be on the lookout for some goods to keep your newly formed facial hair in tip top condition and we’ve not seen many better recently than this great looking selection of wares from Ohio based grooming brand, Cliff Original.

Beards and facial hair in general can be an unruly adversary if left to its own devices and that’s why its a good idea to keep it in check with a range of products perfectly suited to making your moustache, beard or, God forbid, a goatee in full working order. Offering all manner of beard related excellence such as a number of different flavoured face and beard wash bricks (Bay Rum being a particular favourite of ours), you’ll make sure that you get through to the end of Movember without having to constantly tackle an itchy face.

Cliff Original grooming products boast some rather excellent branding to go alongside their expertly crafted products which are made with natural and locally sourced ingredients where possible so they will be kind to your skin and keep your beard happy as well. Ensuring that each of the beard oils and wash bricks are pareben-free makes sure that you needn’t concern yourself with the irritations that can occur from grooming goods that include these chemicals. Natural goods made in the right way and with 10% of sales going to local charities, there really is nothing not to like about Cliff Original.

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