Moretti Gran Tour London – The Winter Edition


As fans of beer in general here at Coolector HQ, we’re always delighted to attend events that lets us imbibe vast quantities of it and when you couple this with calorific Italian food then you, sir, have a match made in heaven. And for this reason we were delighted to hear that the Moretti Gran Tour London was back in town and this time it was their Winter Edition so we had to go down and see if Birra Moretti still appeals to our taste buds and, as you might expect, it does.

The Moretti Gran Tour London: The Winter Edition is being held in Shoreditch (considerately a mere stone’s throw from Coolector HQ) and is on 7th / 8th of November with ticket prices being a snip at a mere £10. It’s chock full of some of London’s finest purveyors of street food such as the awesome Pizza Pilgrims, Forza Win and Roasticini so if you’ve a taste for beer and pizza (i.e. you have a pulse) then chances are you’ll get on fine with the Birra Moretti Gran Tour.

The Coolector can confirm that the event is suitably Shoreditch (being held in a disused warehouse) and the calibre of the food second to none. If you find yourself at a loose end this evening or tomorrow, a visit to this cracking little event will definitely be in order.

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