Coconut Table Tennis Paddle

Though we don’t have Forrest Gump-esque levels of table tennis ability here at The Coolector, we do love playing the sport and we’ll always keep our eye out for accessories to help ramp up our skills and we might just have found something in the form of these superb looking Coconut Table Tennis Paddles.

Ergonomically designed and quite unlike any table tennis paddle we’ve encountered previously, these fantastic looking ones from Coconut might just be capable of helping enhance your capabilities by offering a much more functional and easy to grip bat that will see you hitting smashes and nailing your serve with aplomb. With a handle crafted from an amber edge grain bamboo wood and a paddle that is made from Blonde 3 Ply Bamboo Wood, it’s certainly an aesthetically pleasing offering and you can take a look at a few more shots below:




If you’ve been looking for tools for enhancing your table tennis skills, then these superb looking Coconut Table Tennis Paddles certainly tick all of our boxes. Though you won’t know until you’ve got one in your hand whether it’s the right sort of fit for you, it definitely looks great and, for that, we salute it.

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