Cocoon Tree

If, like us, you spent your youth building treehouses and messing about in woodland, then you’ll likely appreciate the out and out awesomeness of this great looking construct that goes by the name of Cocoon Tree which, it’s fairly safe to say, will blow any treehouse you built in your youth out of the water with its luxurious features and impressive design.

The Cocoon Tree is crafted from a mixture of waterproof canvas and aluminium and it is possible to hang it more or less anywhere in the wild courtesy of a series of suspension cords that let you suspend it from trees and various other natural structures. The spherical design gives it an eye-catching look that will appeal to perennial campers and even has optional air conditioning if you require it.

With an extremely lightweight frame, it is easy enough to port about so if you’re heading out into the wilderness and don’t want to rough it in a tent on the ground then the Cocoon Tree seems like a pretty good option to us here at The Coolector. Take a look at a few more shots of this ace looking construct below:




We’ve been spending more often than usual in the great outdoors this summer here at Coolector and, resultantly, have spent a good deal of time looking for awesome outdoor accessories and the Cocoon Tree is definitely one of the best looking and well designed we’ve come across to date.

Though it is far from cheap and might be a bit difficult to install (the company behind its creation will install it for you upon request), the Cocoon Tree would make the ideal outdoor escape if you’ve got the land to accommodate it.

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