Switters Iced Coffee

When we experience rare spells of hot weather here in the UK, we seldom know what to do and our normal beverage of choice, a hot coffee to tackle the usual chill, goes out the window and we invariably need something a little more refreshing. We’re not willing to forgo our caffeine fix, of course, however, and that’s why we always love it when we come across brands like Switters Iced Coffee.

Switters are a Nashville, Tennessee, and is the work of Kyle and Sheri Young who discovered a love of iced coffee whilst travelling around Southeast Asia and deciding to develop a brand of their own and, with that, Switters Iced Coffee was born.

Their goal was to create America’s first microbrewery solely concerned with crafting iced coffee and deemed Nashville the ideal place to start on their mission of taking America by storm. Check out a few more shots of their delicious looking wares below:






Available in a number of different flavours such as honey and sweet iced coffee and exactly the vintage sort of branding that sways us here at The Coolector, we dare say that there will be plenty of people enjoying the deliciousness of Switters Iced Coffee this summer when the temperatures ramp up and a thirst quenching beverage is direly required.

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