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Coffee is something that we’ve got an awful lot of time for here at Coolector HQ given the fact that it positively fuels 90% of what we do on a daily basis and there is one element of being so enamoured with caffeine that appeals to our sensibilities – namely, the artwork to be found on the thousands of coffee shops all over the world and, as luck would have it, we’re not alone in this fascination as the brilliant Coffee Cups of the World site admirably illustrates.

With such a vast array of coffee shops to be found on our own doorstep in London alone, it stands to reason that that would you extend this out into the world as a whole, the level of creativity positively goes through the roof. Discounted the chain coffee shops and heading to the independent offerings is the catalyst behind the awesomeness of the Coffee Cups of the World website and we’ve been left agog with the diversity on offer with the takeaway coffee cups to be found out there. Take a look at a few of our favourites below:










Coffee Cups of the World is a blog curated by a chap with a similar affinity for all things coffee, Henry Hargreave, who allows caffeine fans the world over to send in images of the vessels from their favourite coffee establishments that they’ve come across and if you’re as big a fan as us of design, branding and coffee as us at Coolector HQ then this might just become one of your new favourite websites.

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