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We love apparel brands that have adventure in their blood and when said adventure manifests itself in their clothing creations and, it’s fair to say, Cold Smoke Co are one such brand and we’ve long admired their first class line up of top notch menswear here at Coolector. We’re delighted to report that there are plenty of essential pieces for summer 2018 from Cold Smoke Co and if you’re after anything from a lightweight jacket to a versatile pair of chinos, look no further.

Take a look at some of our favourite pieces for summer 2018 from the guys at California based, Cold Smoke Co below:

Khasmin Chore Coat – $265

Jackets in the summer months are a difficult choice because you’ll want something lightweight but stylish enough to go with any outfit but with superb pieces like the Khasmin Chore Coat from Cold Smoke Co, that choice is made a good deal easier. This cracking piece of outerwear is understated and stylish and is available in two different colours – namely, charcoal and olive. It is a striking, technical and tailored update of the 19th century staple which was originated by farmers, adopted by fishermen and mechanics to become the epitome of the principle of “form follows function”. 

This excellent jacket is crafted from Swiss made, Schoeller Feelgood 3XDRY® Technology fabric. It boasts water repellant qualities from the outside, moisture wicking from the inside, and rapid drying with just the perfect amount of stretch. When you’re active on hot days the ultra-wicking fabric creates a cooling effect – an essential feature this summer. ($265)

Superfine Merino T-Shirt – $72

Comfort is something that we demand of our tees here at Coolector HQ and merino fabrics are certainly the best candidate for this particular job which is what makes these Cold Smoke Co Superfine Merino T-shirts such an attractive proposition. Crafted from the highest quality merino wool anywhere out there, which makes for a ridiculously comfortable T-shirt which is both luxurious and top-performing. The first rate wicking characteristics of merino makes this staple extremely odour resistant and ideally suited for long travels, weekend adventures into the wild and trail to office transitions.

Cold Smoke Co make their tees from 89% Merino 11% Nylon blend fabric which makes uses of RAPT technology for impeccable performance. What this essentially means is that an inner core of Nylon is wrapped with Merino, in order to make the fabric retain all the performance properties of pure merino, whilst also retaining added tensil strength, increased recovery, and durability of Nylon – the definition of a win, win situation. ($72)

Trail Shorts – $125

If you just have one pair of shorts in your summer line up, make sure it’s these awesome looking and ridiculously robust Trail Shorts from Cold Smoke Co. Carefully designed to offer the ultimate in durability and robustness, these fantastically cool Trail Shorts offer the ideal piece of apparel for any summer excursions out into the wild when the weather is roasting and you want to keep cool. Made from Cotton/Nylon super-durable Weathercloth™ that is an immeasurably strong material that delivers both comfort and performance, these superb Trail Shorts from Cold Smoke Co really are in a league of their own.

They have been cut slim enough to look great when worn around town, but also spacious and flexible enough to be comfortable on any woodland trail. They have a gusseted crotch which makes everything from walking around town, to stepping over your bike, to lead-climbing an overhang so much easier. They have also integrated a ballistic nylon waist-belt with a military grade Fidlock™ magnetic buckle which doesn’t require insertion or positioning. You just need to get the two parts close together and they snap into place automatically which is a pretty neat little design feature. ($125)

Death in Venice Cap – $42

A quality cap is an essential addition to your summer line up of apparel to help keep the sun’s rays at bay and they don’t come much cooler than this eye-catching Death in Venice Cap from Cold Smoke Co. Made in California, this cracking cap is crafted from a robust yet lightweight Japanese military cloth of wax-coated cotton and nylon threads.

This excellent cap is water-repellant, breathable, and ultra-durable and won’t let you down on any of your outdoor adventures this summer. With each extra usage the fabric will break-in and develop a subtle patina. The crown of the Death in Venice Cap is unstructured and medium depth for a minimal, modern silhouette that offers comfort and visual appeal aplenty. ($42)

Terrain Pants – $175

For those cooler summer adventures when the temperatures are a little chillier and the Trail Shorts don’t quite cut the mustard, these brilliant looking Terrain Pants from Cold Smoke Co are definitely going to tick all of the right boxes. Handmade in California, these wonderfully comfortable and versatile trousers are again made from Swiss made, Schoeller Feelgood 3XDRY® Technology fabric for a versatile performance with the ideal amount of give and stretch.

The Cold Smoke Co Terrain Pants boast a zippered hip and left rear pockets which makes them pick-pocket proof – something which is always good to know for your urban adventures this summer. They also com with a snap closure with ballistic nylon pull tab at right rear pocket which delivers secure wallet storage and easy access as and when you do need to get your EDC out. ($175)

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