Grovemade The Desk Shelf System

We like to keep our workspace as neat and ordered as possible here at Coolector HQ and will always be on the lookout for accessories that help us to achieve this objective. Some brands have awesome products that are geared towards a great looking, ordered workspace and Grovemade are chief amongst them with their excellent wares – which has just been joined by this fantastic looking The Desk Shelf System.

The Desk Shelf System from Grovemade has been designed to help you take your work, and your workspace, to the next level with its eye-catching aesthetic and functional and versatile performance. It aims to bring clarity and a positive creative intention to your workspace by giving it the sort of organisation that you’ve been craving. It gives you complete control of any clutter problems and a place for everything you need during your working day.

Elevated Style

More and more people want an elevated element to their workspace these days and The Grovemade Desk Shelf System delivers this with some considerable aplomb. This clever piece of design lets you elevate screens to improve the overall ergonomics, while also delivering ample space for the storage of all your EDC. Grovemade have designed understated organisation zones which will help everything on your desk live in harmony, from your keyboard to your phone, keys and wallet.

This new sense of space from The Desk Shelf System from Grovemade is achieved very simply. It is accomplished by creating borders and delineating space visually and the understated style of the construction will fit in effortlessly with any style of desk that you have. It has been cleverly designed to help designed to allow for rapid, seamless transitions between digital and analog and this means that your workflow will never be disrupted again.

There will be no more having to sweep clutter out of the way to get on with your work when you’ve got a Grovemade Desk Shelf System because it really does make it so much easier to keep your desk organised and neat. Created after extensive research and looking at 600 different styles of desks to make it as all-inclusive and functional as possible, this is a great addition to the Grovemade range of workspace accessories.

Inspiring Space

Getting the motivation to work is hard enough as it is without throughout a messy, unordered workspace into the mix but with a Grovemade The Desk Shelf System, you’ll no longer have a cluttered desk to blame for lack of work. This cracking piece of design from Portland based, Grovemade, is one of their best creations to date in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and it is ideally suited to those working in the creative industry.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your own desk organised but didn’t know where to start then the Grovemade Desk Shelf System is for you. Available in a couple of materials – namely, walnut and maple – and with pricing starting at $180, this is an affordable way of making sure your desk is your biggest ally in the pursuit for creativity.

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