Vinci Wireless AI Headphones

If you look around and notice all the innovation going on around us, it’s easy to see the future conveyed in older movies and TV shows is finally here. Fortunately for us at The Coolector, the future isn’t clunky or absurd looking. Rather, they look more the Vinci Wireless AI Headphones: sleek and attractive while still packing a wealth of functionality.

Aside from its future-inspired, bulky over-the-ear design, Vinci takes the idea of wireless headphones to the next level. How? By including evolving AI technology, a capacitive touchscreen and high-quality, immersive 3D sound.

Innovative Technology

Vinci’s main attraction is its combination of high-powered AI with extensive voice recognition capabilities. By saying “Hey Vinci” (or pressing down and holding its touchscreen), you can use Vinci to control music playback, get information, obtain directions, find out what the latest local venue recommendations are, set reminders, and so much more.

And while you’re actively using it, Vinci passively learns about your musical preferences to recommend new songs, fine tune old playlists, or add a soundtrack to a workout session based on your heart rate and pace.

Vinci’s construction enables the AI feature it sports to really shine, with a built-in 3G radio for AI assistance anywhere, dual-mic noise reduction technology to reduce the noise in a busy environment and improve voice recognition, and a bundle of sensors (accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensor, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and compass) to help with personalisation as well as track your activity while exercising. 3D Sound rounds out the package, allowing users to hear premium sound quality optimised for space, perfect for augmented and virtual reality use.

Stylish Features

Here at The Coolector, there’s no doubt that the Vinci Wireless AI Headphones has our attention. It manages to take Beats-esque appeal and inject it with the kind of technology that gives us a peek at what the future of wireless over-the-ear headphones is.

Well-made, innovative and boasting great features that you can’t find anywhere else, it isn’t difficult to fathom why the Vinci Headphones are making waves in the audio industry.

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