Estrade House

We’ve encountered some thoroughly impressive pieces of architectural and interior design of late here at The Coolector but it just seems to be a constant conveyor built of amazingness and the latest piece to have captured our attention is this extraordinary Estrade House from MU Architects.

MU Architects are a Montreal based team of designers and architects and, it’s fair to say, their portfolio of working is most impressive indeed but, for us, the real standout piece is this exemplary Estrade House, situated in the Laurentian Mountain region of Quebec. Whilst living in a property like this is a pipe dream for most of us, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look and when it is as aesthetically pleasing as this it’s quite frankly impossible not to.

Jaw Dropping Designs

Every element of this modern structure and regardless of whether you’re inside or outside of it is nothing short of jaw dropping and for fans of architectural design and interior decoration, there is so much to appreciate. The Estrade House uses a variety of materials in its construction with the intention of blending in seamlessly with its lakeside surroundings and it’s plain to see the architects behind it put an awful lot of thought into making the exterior as understated as possible so as not to be an overbearing structure on the landscape.

Situated on natural sloping terrain and crafted from a combination of cedar and natural stone, the Estrade House is about as close to visually flawless as it gets and provides such an intuitive and well-thought out living space to its owners. The large open plan living space boasts impressive floor to ceiling glass windows to afford an excellent view of the surrounding lakes and countryside and there can be few more relaxing places to unwind than the impressively landscaped garden of this Quebec based property.

Boasting a stunning setting and architectural and interior flourishes throughout, the Estrade House is definitely one of the most incredible pieces of design we’ve seen in 2017 so far here at Coolector HQ and whilst there is a lot of time left this year, it will certainly take some beating.

Modern Living

Every component of the Estrade House is conducive to modern living and it boasts clean lines, an abundance of natural light throughout and impeccable attention to detail with every element of the interior design. MU Architects have done a phenomenal job of delivering a stunning home in an equally as impressive backdrop and it’s hard not to be impressed by their significant architectural achievements here.

If you’re a fan of architecture, the Estrade House is an example of it at its finest and from the expert way it has been integrated into its surroundings to the magnificent interior design endeavours that bring the property to life, you’ll be hard pressed to see anything better in our opinion here at The Coolector.

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