Coloral Cycling Bottle

In a market that is saturated with accessories, it takes a lot to stand out in the cycling arena but every now and then you come across a product that will turn your head and so it has proven with this super cool looking and wonderfully retro Coloral Cycling Bottle. This top notch piece of design is perfect for those urban commuters that want a great looking drinking vessel for their ride that looks just as good both on and off the bike.

The Coloral Cycling Bottle is a faithful recreation of the original design from the golden age of cycling and it has been upgraded and reengineered by Coloral to deliver a premium quality cycling accessory. It is crafted from food-grade stainless steel which is then brush for a muted, understated and effortlessly cool aesthetic. Easy to attach to your bike and pull off in a hurry, the Coloral Cycling Bottle will add to the overall visual appeal of your bicycle with some considerable aplomb.

An Understated Classic

We love vintage style bikes here at The Coolector so it stands to reason that accessories that fit in with this aesthetic are going to be up our street as well and this Coloral Cycling Bottle definitely fits into that bracket. It is lightweight and compact vessel that boasts an incredibly robust and hardwearing design that will keep up with any cycling or outdoor adventures you head out on this autumn and winter.

The Coloral Cycling Bottle has had its dimensions tweaked a little from the original design on which it is based in order to fit into today’s modern bottle cages but this has impacted on the majestic aesthetics that it delivers. This cracking cycling accessory has been vacuum insulated to add to its versatility and ensure that your hot drinks (read: Irish coffee) and cold drinks (read: craft beer) stay at exactly the temperatures that they should.

Pleasingly, there is no plastic at all used in the creation of the Coloral Cycling Bottle or even in its packaging so it helps contribute to the ongoing efforts to reduce the scourge of plastic consumption. This striking, original fluted design certainly catches the eye and will look great whilst being transported about aboard your bike or with you in the office. It has a steel screw cap and a cork base for improved grip on surfaces. For each bottle sold, Coloral make a 10% donation to the Re-Cycle charity which focuses on the importance of recycling.

Ride in Style

If a cheap looking, plastic drinks bottle isn’t your bag when cycling and you want something a good deal more classy you’ll get exactly what you’re after with the Coloral Cycling Bottle. Costing just £35, it doesn’t break the bank, is environmentally friendly and looks effortlessly dapper for every cycling adventure you’ve got planned.

Lightweight, robust and compact enough for any bottle cage, this old school cool offering from Coloral has definitely caught our attention here at Coolector HQ and we dare say there will be plenty of other cycling aficionados out there equally enamoured with the bottle’s striking, vintage styling.

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