SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System

When heading out into the wild or some urban adventure when you’ve got your camera in tow, it can be a pain to have to carry it in your hand the whole time until something captures your imagination and you want to take a photo or a closer look. Well, this problem is over courtesy of the superb looking SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System which is funding over on Kickstarter right now for the bargain price of just £38.

The SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System on Kickstarter is ideally suited to the active outdoor enthusiast that always wants to keep their camera / binoculars at the ready and always in a secure position. This ace little accessory really will let you go out into the wilderness and discover everything it has to offer (whilst making sure you can capture some great photos whilst you’re at it).

Carry Your Camera in Comfort

Needless to say, most cameras and binoculars are quite bulky in nature and not the most enjoyable piece of tech to have to carry around on an outdoor adventure. The SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System puts paid to all that and gives you a simple and comfortable solution for porting about your tech. Billed as the world’s most comfortable, secure, and accessible, Sling-Style camera and binocular harness, this has proven mighty popular over on Kickstarter and it certainly isn’t difficult to see why that’s the case.

Available for under £40, the SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System on Kickstarter ensures your optic devices stay as close to your body as possible so that nothing moves around. If you like to really get stuck in with your outdoor adventures, this is the accessory for you. SKOUT is ergonomically designed to hug your core and be easy to deploy your tech when you need it. It boasts a patented Twist & Lock mount which will secure your camera or binoculars to your chest. This delivers exceptional stability and weight distribution, at the same time keeping your optics easy to access.

Purpose built to provide excellent comfort when hitting the hiking trail or wilderness adventure, the  SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System is a one-size-fits-all sling style harness. It has some ergonomic cuts in the front panel to account for the female shape and it stretches out to 57 inches around your torso which means it is designed to help the user be active and always ready to capture the perfect photograph.

Freedom Photography

By freeing up your hands, the SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System means that you can run, hike, climb and cycle much more easily than if you were to be carrying your camera or binoculars. It has a lightweight design to the point you’ll barely notice it’s there and the fact that it is available for such a bargain price over on Kickstarter is sure to see it continue to fly off the shelves.

For anyone with a love of adventure and photography, the SKOUT Hands Free Camera & Binocular Carrying System is definitely an accessory you’ll appreciate. Devilishly simple but exceptionally functional and versatile, this first class piece of photography gear is right up our street here at Coolector HQ. You’ll need to move quickly if you want to pick one up for a bargain price as their campaign is entering its final few hours.

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