CONCEPCION STUDIOS Retro Modern Movie Prints

We’re always looking for great artwork to surround ourselves with here at Coolector HQ and Etsy always serves as a veritable hotbed of top quality prints to hang in your workspace and so it has proven once again with these superb CONCEPCION STUDIOS Retro Modern Movie Prints which will appeal to the minimalist in you and add a touch of old school cool to your walls. If you love artwork which celebrates seminal movies and television shows, the first class artwork from CONCEPCION SUDIOS will definitely be right up your street.

Featuring great pieces of artwork that celebrates movies as diverse as The Empire Strikes Back to Wes Anderson’s, Rushmore, there is something for everyone in these awesome CONCEPCION STUDIOS Retro Modern Movie Prints over on Etsy. Concepción Studios is an award-winning design studio from California. With clients ranging from Paul McCartney to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga to MUSE, Concepción Studios has earned international recognition with works published in The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, TIME, Quirk Books, Gestalten and PRINT Magazine along with album art aired on The Tonight Show, CONAN, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Charlie Rose.

Minimalist Masterpiece

There is a highly distinctive aesthetic to the artwork from CONCEPCION STUDIOS and their Retro Modern Movie Prints are particularly to our liking here at The Coolector. With great movies and TV shows like Mad Men, The Twilight Zone, The Big Lebowski and various Star Wars films coming under their purview, you’ll be hard pressed to not find something that fits the bill when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or workspace here. With prints starting at a mighty reasonable price tag of around £17, you’ll likely want to add quite a few of these prints to your artwork line up as they complement one another so well.

These excellent CONCEPCION STUDIOS Retro Modern Movie Prints on Etsy are made from high quality materials and shipped flat to make sure they look their best when the time comes to get them up on your wall. The prints measure 12″ x 18″ and they are printed on thick uncoated French Paper Company Construction Whitewash 100 lb cover stock that has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and will look great for many years to come.

Regardless of the sort of movies that you’ve got a love of, if you like retro modern style design, you’ll be in your element with this cracking prints from CONCEPCION STUDIOS which do a great job of highlighting the essence of the films they represent in an effortlessly cool and understated way. If you’re like us here at The Coolector, you’ll want to add a series of the prints to your walls whether this be the Wes Anderson Collection of the Star Wars series because it will add a pleasing sense of symmetry to your walls.

Vintage Vibes

The vintage nature of the design really adds new life to the movies they represent and we’re loving the striking imagery of these brilliant CONCEPCION STUDIOS Retro Modern Movie Prints here at Coolector HQ. As big fans of the vast majority of movies and TV shows focused on with this artwork, it goes without saying that it was always go to appeal to us and if you’re similarly enamoured by minimalistic, stylised artwork that captures the essence of an array of pop culture icons, this is a design studio for you too.

Wes Anderson, Star Wars, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Spirited Away – you name it, it’s got the CONCEPCION STUDIOS treatment with these supremely striking prints on Etsy and if you’ve long been on the hunt for some top notch movie inspired artwork to decorate your workspace, chances are you’ve just found your new best friend in the shape of this California based design studio and we can’t wait to see which films and TV shows come under their microscope next.

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