Gravithin Presents ARGO Watches

The beauty of watches is, of course, something which is in the eye of the beholder but we’re pretty sure that anyone who lays eyes on these excellent looking Gravithin ARGO Watches will be as enamoured as us here at Coolector HQ. These first class timepieces are bold, stylish and incredibly well made and will add a touch of minimalist class to any wrist which bears one. Expertly combining unconventional design and premium materials, these ARGO watches guide you as you set sail for new adventures.

There is a devilish design detail to these ARGO watches from Gravithin that provides a compelling visual impact and manages to elevate them above the competition from an aesthetic point of view. There is an almost astrological look and feel to these majestic looking watches from Gravithin which are suitable for any and all occasions. They are on the cutting edge, all the wonder of true design innovation combined with all the freedom that comes when you have found a great deal.

Italian Design Flair

Elegance and sophistication flow through these ARGO watches from Gravithin have a design which pays homage to the Argo constellation and it is inspired by the ancient sextants used for celestial navigation. In mythology, Argus was a shipwright, and he and his crew on the Argo had the protection of the goddess Hera. Gravithin have designed a double dial timepiece which is engraved in different points and they have chosen two colourways – namely, Deep Blue and Black Sea – in honour of Argo’s  mythical adventures.

Boasting an impressive Swiss Ronda 705 quartz movement with the sapphire crystal glass and the robust 316L brushed steel used for the case to ensure even more resistance, it’s easy to see why timepiece aficionados are being left impressed with the Gravithin Argo Watches. With a price tag of £125, these glorious looking timepieces don’t break the bank but have the sort of stellar design aesthetic that fans of astronomy are really going to love having on their wrist.

Despite its 40mm case, Argo is as light as significantly smaller watches and this is courtesy of the clever choice of materials and innovative design practices that Gravithin have deployed. They have created three different colour options (gold, silver and black) for the case; two (Deep Blue and Black Sea) for the dial and also six straps in two different materials (mesh and leather) and six different colours so there is certainly no shortage of options when getting the right timepiece for your wrist.

Cool Customisation

There is a pleasing amount of customisation potential with these Gravithin ARGO watches which the watchmakers have demanded because they want their timepieces to fully reflect the individuality of the person wearing it. These watches have quick-release straps for your convenience and the genuine Italian leather straps are made with high attention to details and the utmost care. Genuine leather might feature small creases, stretch marks and pores, which are signs of the leather authenticity and which add a unique patina and beauty to each strap which tells a story of the adventures its been on.

For those of you like us who love finding new watch brands who are crafting stylish and innovative timepieces, these ARGO watches from Gravithin are sure to be resonating with you right now. Wonderfully affordable at under £150, it’s hard to believe that you can get such an attractive and well made watch for such an excellent price. If you’ve got a penchant for ancient astronomy, you need this supremely eye-catching watch on your wrist.

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