Cool & Vintage Brown Land Rover

Whenever we come across a new creation from the inimitably talented workshop of Cool & Vintage it somehow manages to ramp up the aesthetic awesomeness that little bit more and that’s certainly true of this stunning Brown Land Rover with a distinctly retro vibe. Sure to appeal to those road trip aficionados that want a real stand out contraption for hitting the highways, this spectacular machine is the latest in a long line of mesmerising machines from Cool & Vintage.

The Cool & Vintage Brown Land Rover has the sort of old school cool that has come to typify the creations of this Portugal based workshop but this might just be the most visually appealing to date in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. As with all the amazing machines that they are responsible for, this Land Rover Defender really does make its mark in both performance and aesthetics and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler steed for 2018.

Style in Spades

When you climb behind the wheel of this sensational machine from Cool & Vintage you know that there will not be another one quite like it on the road and this level of uniqueness and phenomenal attention to detail in the customisation elements that have gone into its creation are entirely second to none. First class materials and components abound throughout its design and you’ll not find another vehicle quite like this anywhere out there.

The breathtaking Brown Land Rover Defender from Cool & Vintage is designed to be a pure utility vehicle that is ready for any adventure that you can throw at it and it’s the original lifestyle vehicle. It likely won’t be the only car in your garage according to its creators but you can rest assured that it will be the machine that you jump in when you won’t to experience the ultimate ride and adventure.

Gloriously constructed with no detail unfurnished, this cracking contraption from Cool & Vintage really does take old school aesthetics to whole new levels and you’ll not be left wanting in the performance arena either. Remastered from the ground up making use of first rate components which are responsible for delivering the impeccable performance of this superb machine, you’ll understand why Cool & Vintage sit at the top table so far as Land Rover customisations are concerned when you lay eyes on this beauty.

Land Rover Legends

So far as out of this world Land Rover customisations are concerned, Cool & Vintage will always be one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ and this exemplary creation is the prime reason for that. Never disappointing from a visual perspective and always exceptional in performance, there really is nothing not to like about the beach lifestyle type creations from this top class Portugese workshop.

For anyone with a love of customised motorcars (and Land Rovers in particular), this lovingly crafted creation from Cool & Vintage has got it all and the sheer sense of style and dripping of old school cool is definitely up our street here at The Coolector. Another feather in the cap of this brilliant workshop.

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