Jean Verville Architecte A Frame Residence

Simplicity is often the best practice when it comes to architectural design and A-frame designs are commonplace within the world of architecture but not many can hold a candle to the striking aesthetic and wonderfully clever use of space witnessed in the Jean Verville Architecte A Frame Residence which is found in the Canadian town of St Adolfe d’Howard.

The A Frame Residence from Jean Verville Architecte is a real triumph from the ground up and every element of the interior and exterior is dripping in minimalist excellence from a design point of view. Renovated to better suit the living requirements of the family residing there, this cracking piece of architecture and, in fact, reduced the square footage of the property so as to give it a more open-plan look and feel.

60’s Cool

The structure was originally designed and built in the 1960s and the location of the Laurentian Mountains is tough to beat in terms of the breathtaking sights and sounds right on its doorstep. The renovation of the A-Frame Residence was undertaken in order to give a much more comprehensive view of the glorious location in the heart of a mountainous woodland. For anyone looking for a contemporary living space out in the wild, this will tick all the right boxes.

Gloriously understated on the inside, the A-Frame Residence from Jean Verville Architecte is a real treat for the eyes but also maximises the usability of the space and makes it work much more efficiently for the family that lives there. The new living room area will appeal to the nature lovers as it looks out on to the surrounding landscape, framing the stunning views that envelope the property. The living room joins to an attractive outdoor space and a small but perfectly formed kitchen.

Clean lines and muted colours fill the property and everything about its design simply works and adds to the overall visual appeal and functionality of the space. If you love well thought out architecture that makes the most of the space available and does so with considerable visual flair, this amazing offering from Jean Verville Architecte is certainly going to resonate with your design sensibilities.

Spectacular Location

In our opinion here at Coolector HQ, it is the location of the property, as much as the property itself, that will make it stand out from the crowd and locations don’t come much more mesmerising or impressive than the Laurentian Mountains in which this first rate property is to be found. Wonderfully isolated and superbly in keeping with the landscapes, the A-Frame Residence has got all the features we’d look for in our dream property.

Canada is home to some extraordinary pieces of architecture but not many have the same visual impact as this incredible piece of design from Jean Verville Architecte. If you like your architecture understated and versatile, this is the one for you and we can’t wait to see what other designs are added to their portfolio in 2018.

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