The Coolector’s Christmas Gift Guide

As men, we here at The Coolector think that we’re in a pretty good position to know the sorts of gifts that our fellow man would like to be on the receiving end of in just under a month’s time and we, being charitable fellows, are going to impart that knowledge onto you so as to allow you to place these items well and truly on your Christmas list.

Let’s get started:

Limited Edition Breaking Bad DVD Boxset:

bb boxset

If, like us, you’re still struggling to come to terms with the end of Breaking Bad, you’re probably going to want to make this brilliant Limited Edition Breaking Bad DVD Boxset one of the main entries on your Christmas wishlist. Not only containing every single minute of the hit show (and plenty of extras needless to say), this boxset is, somewhat brilliantly, encased in a Breaking Bad barrel and comes replete with plenty of other odds and ends that will keep fans of the show entertained – including a Los Pollos apron, super cool coins and a 16 page booklet with a letter from Vince Gilligan.

Price: $200+

Available: Amazon.

Supercar Driving Experience:


I think it’s fair to say that most men appreciate an attractive car but, alas, seldomly does the opportunity present itself to get behind the wheel of one. You needn’t have to be a millionaire this Christmas to feel what it’s like to settle into the luxurious seats of a Ferrari, Porsche or even an F1 car because there are plenty of driving experiences out there that will make for a mightily spiffing gift this festive period. We don’t exactly live life in the fast lane here at Coolector HQ (we’re a laid back bunch) but we’re definitely on board for razzing around a race track in a stupendously fast supercar and think that this will definitely make for a great Christmas gift for the adrenaline inclined.

Price: £100+

Available: Wish.

Budd Pyjamas:


Pyjamas are a Christmas gift staple so if you’re going to go down this route for a festive treat, then you might as well go for the best of the best and, as far as we here at The Coolector are concerned, you simply cannot top the devilishly well-styled and luxurious pyjamas to be found from Budd Shirtmakers. We’re all for lazing luxuriously around a fire throughout the entire Christmas period drinking mulled wine and over-indulging in leftovers and, safe to say, we will seldom be venturing outside between the days of 25th December and 2nd January and, once we climb into a pair of these, the likelihood of us going outside falls still further.

Price: £165+

Available: Budd Shirts.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7


As keen fans of photography here at The Coolector, we always keep our eyes out for impressive cameras and we’ve found exactly that in the form of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7. For photography aficionados on the lookout for an supremely advanced camera this Christmas, then this is surely it. Few cameras can hold a candle to this impressive beast and for those serious about their photography, you’ll not be left wanting with this exceptional machine. Boasting a 3″ inch touchscreen display, 16MP camera, 1080p max video resolution at 50 frames per second and weighing in at 512g – this is a camera that will certainly stand the test of time.

Price: £850

Available: Panasonic.

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