The Coolector’s Christmas Gift Guide

The Apple Mac Pro:


For Apple lovers, December is set to be a bonanza time with plenty of impressive bits of kit emerging from the Californian colossus but few are quite as anticipated as the much hyped and high-specced new Apple Mac Pro. We’re big advocates of Apple technology here at The Coolector and we, like most other technophiles, are pretty excited about the new launch of the Mac Pro and, as you can see above, it’s quite the departure from the original iterations in both design and specifications. We’re doubtful of seeing one of these under our Christmas tree but, fingers crossed, 2014 will see one find its way to Coolector HQ.

Price: £3,300+

Available: Apple.

Komono Watches:


All men love a good watch and if you’re hankering for one for Christmas, allow us here at The Coolector to draw your attention to these rather spiffing timepieces from Komono. Though don’t cost the earth and they boast a particularly dapper design that we’re big fans of. Komono watches are ideal for minimalist types who don’t want to make a lot of fuss with their wristwatch and we can’t help but be impressed by the variety of designs and dapperness of these highly sought after watches. A great idea for a Christmas gift and one that we at The Coolector reckon will go down a treat.

Price: £100 Approx

Available: Komono.

Mature Your Own Whisky:


If like us, you’ve been watching a little too much Broadwalk Empire and have decided that making your own bootleg booze is a frighfully good idea then this awesome Mature Your Own Whisky Set will tick plenty of the right boxes this Yuletide period. We’re in no doubting that anything that we can concoct will taste truly terrible until we become masters of the fermentation stage but, once we do, we’ll be sure to be selling our delicious wares to any brave and hardy souls who think they can handle it.

Price: £100

Available: Firebox.

Happy Shopping…


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