Corkcicle Arctican

On a hot day when the sun is beating down, there are few pleasures quite as divine as a frosty cold beer and, conversely, few things as woeful as a warm one. With that in mind and to make sure your brews are chilled to perfection this summer, you might just want to invest in one of these cracking Arctican accessories from Coolector favourite, Corkcicle.

The Artican is, as you might expect, billed as the last can cooling device that you will ever need and, let’s face it, that will sound great to all us craft ale drinkers this summer. What makes Corkcicle’s Arctican unique is the fact that it will keep 12oz of delicious beer cool without making your hands cold – a feature that will definitely appeal to those of us accustomed to shuffling beer between different hands.

All you need to do is freeze the cooling cone and then twist it onto your beverage and it will provide a perfectly chilled beer for up to three hours. Take a look at some more shots of the Arctican below:





We don’t know about you but we’re planning on drinking our fair share of craft beer this summer and we will be looking to invest in any accessories that ramp up the deliciousness of our already favourite drink and the Corkcicle Arctican looks like being exactly that.

Price: $19.95

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