The Other Brother Company

It’s always the case when a stores stocks a selection of well designed products; you end up with strong urges to buy the whole lot. Restraint is always needed to stop yourself from added products willy-nilly into your basket. No use for a 1920’s shoe rack? Us neither.

Never heard of the only company in Slovakia making soap from recycled roller blades? Neither had we, but sometimes it’s how things and packaged and presented that tips us over the edge.

One fine culprit of making us say, “Oh yeah, I could really use some of that” is the family-run business, Other Brothers. Based in San Francisco, Other Brothers is a group of siblings who decided to change direction from their original plan to work for the big guys such as Nike + Google, and switched gears to follow their real passion. Check out some shots below:




Food was that such passion. Gaining experience on farms and within the agricultural trade stamped in a grounded foundation from an early age. And to follow their dreams of creating their own product, something they would truly be proud of, is always one worth getting behind.

The Other Brothers are producing some wicked looking stuff; like their signature California Gunpowder spice mix, Tuscan-style Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and sweet gifts like their Picnic Kit and collaboration with Alice Wiese Aprons.

It’s only a small selection currently, but each items comes in its own unique style of packaging, is made with a whole bunch of love and hard work, and is all currently in our basket. Damn, their plan worked!

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