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Shouldn’t all wristwatches be timeless? Lamentably, providing an enduring appeal with wristwatches isn’t something that applies to all watchmakers on the market but there are some out there who do things differently and put design front and centre and make sure that the timepieces that the produce truly stand the test of time and ooze understated appeal. We can think of few who brands who do this better than Corniche and no better example than their latest offer, the Heritage 4o.

We’ve certainly got a ‘type’ when it comes to watches here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, that Corniche tick more or less all of our boxes from a style, design, functionality and versatility point of view and their latest collection to hit the market, the stunningly attractive Heritage 40, might just be the best of the bunch to date.

The Corniche Heritage 40 Watch retains the brand’s classic characteristics but introduces a number of new features that set it apart from previous offerings from Corniche. Available in both rose gold and stainless steel iterations, this immensely stylish wristwatch is sure to find plenty of favour amongst those chaps after an affordable and devilish dapper timepiece this summer. Check out a few more shots of the Heritage 40 from Corniche below:






If, like us, you want your wristwatches to offer a distinct minimalist aesthetic and not be too showy then you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for with the Heritage 40 series from Corniche.

These stylish looking watches boast plenty of impressive features that set them apart from the crowd – particularly for a timepiece of this price point – and these include a genuine leather strap, ceramic dials, caseback with engraved Mediterranean pine tree and an effortless cool that unquestionably appeals.

Each one of these stunning timepieces is delivered in a piano wood box and with an owner’s manual and certificate so you’ll be able to revel in the deliciousness of the new timepiece that is now proudly hugging your wrist.

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