Pub Nub

We can think of few horrors more traumatising than grabbing a six pack of beers, cycling somewhere and then discovering that you’ve left your bottle opener elsewhere. But what if you’re bike was your bottle opener? Well, that is something that is now no longer a pipe dream courtesy of this rather splendid little accessory that goes by the name of Pub Nub.

If you’ve got a bicycle and a penchant for craft beers then you, sir, are definitely in requirement of a Pub Nub. Devilishly simple in design and execution, the Pub Nub will append to the end of your bicycle handlebars to create an easy to use, hidden bottle opener that’s always there in a bind when you head out on the open road with your bike and beers in tow. Check out a couple of shots below:

pub-nub-960x643 pubnub-black-large pubnub-chrome-large thepubnubimgWe both cycle and love beer at The Coolector, so the Pub Nub is patently right up our street and we know that we’re not alone in these dual interests and there will be plenty of chaps out there equally as enamoured with the prospect of rocking a bottle opener on their bike handlebars.

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