The Courtyard House

Having lived and worked around London for some time now, we know that space is very much of a premium in the city and even the smallest of plots can be sold for astronomical amounts of money. Well, if you’re going to invest in a small plot of land in London, you need to get creative with the design and that’s exactly what we’ve got with this incredible looking Courtyard House from De Rosee Sa Architects.

The Courtyard House came about after a client of the architect purchased a plot of land opposite their own home in order to put a stop to the property being overdeveloped. The only structure on this plot was a storage shed, which had been a wood yard in a previous life, and this is what determined the housing restrictions for what was to built in its place – namely, the fact that the new property’s perimeter needed to replicate that of the shed’s outline. And, with that, The Courtyard House was born.

London’s Calling

Described by the architects as a luminous courtyard house, this fantastic piece of design really does manage to capitalise on what is seemingly a small plot of land to deliver a structure of understated brilliance and functionality. Situated in West London on a plot of land that is both narrow and deep, The Courtyard House is positioned between terraced gardens on one side and a row of 16 lock-up garages on the other so what has been achieved here from an aesthetic point of view is little short of miraculous.

The Courtyard House incorporates a new basement level to accommodate all the elements that the client wanted to include within the design and this clever use of space allowed them to achieve a lot of floor space on what is obviously a small plot of land. For those with a love of well thought out design and understated, minimalist interiors, this superb structure is certainly going to be to your liking.

On the ground floor of the property, you will discover a living room, kitchen, and bedroom with an attached bathroom which is already an impressive amount of space given the dimensions on offer. In order to enhance the amount of light within the dainty property, De Rosee Sa conceived of three external courtyards between the three spaces and this is responsible for bathing large parts of the property in light and delivering a real sense of relaxation and serenity in the space.

Space To Spare

With the clients wanting a two bedroom house on the plot, this would have been inconceivable were it not for the architect’s suggestion to incorporate a basement element to The Courtyard House and this is how all their space requirements were met for this project. The interior spaces within the property open up onto the new courtyards through steel and glass ‘Crittal’ style doors which add a real visual impact to the property – as does the Western red cedar clads of courtyard walls which work their way inside to clad the smaller rooms of the property (study, cloakroom, utility).

If you love design projects that think outside of the box and boast impeccable interior design, The Courtyard House is certainly going to provide you with plenty to appreciate. We’re loving the clever use of space and eye-catching aesthetics here at Coolector HQ and the fact that the clients sold their current home to move into this one opposite is testament to how much they loved the finished product.

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